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Elizabeth Anderson

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 0207 272 7013

Gillian Trustam

86 High Street, MK43 7RH, Tel: 01234 822985



Carol Jones

41 The Estuary, BN17 6NE, Tel: 01903 716671

Language or Speciality: NHS Mental Health Experience (25 years)

Christine Franke

Coach House 14 High St,, SG19 1AQ, Tel: 07850594258



Colin Berry

51 Avril Way, Highams Park, E4 9HS, Tel: 020 8523 2352 07817947984


London, London East

Jo Williams

1 Fairbridge Road, Archway, N19 3EW, Tel: 07866 193343

I am a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist  and professional member of AGIP registered with the UKCP. I have over 12 years of working as a psychotherapist with people of varied backgrounds in NHS and voluntary sector settings as well as privately. My experience includes working with painful and traumatic histories, as well as with current difficulties such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems and feeling disconnected and unhappy with life.

Jo-Ann Lewis

6 Fairview Gardens, IG8 7DJ, Tel: 0208 502 9599

Sue Hitchcock

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07828261680

Sue Hirst

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 020 7272 7013

Arshi Haque

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 020 7272 7013

Sheila Ritchie

Bowes Park, N22 8YP, Tel: 020 8365 7602

Ros Sills

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07905472046 or 020 7272 7013

Ros is a qualified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a professional member of the Association of Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP). She has over 25 years experience of working with individuals and families on a professional basis, both in the public sector and in a private capacity. In particular, she has worked with people who have experienced abuse and/or emotional deprivation or who suffer from anxiety, depression, identity issues, or a general feeling of an inability to relate to other people. She has extensive experience of work related issues in business and public services. She also offers consultancy to community drugs projects.

Mary Lynne Ellis

78a Huddleston Road, Tufnell Park, N7 0EG, Tel: 020 7687 2206

I am a relational analytical psychotherapist and my practice is influenced also by my studies in art therapy and modern European philosophy (in each of which I have an M.A.). I have over 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and couples from a diversity of class and cultural backgrounds and different sexualities. 

Moira Legg

Cranham, GL4 8HA, Tel: 01452 813144


Wales And West

Louisa Killpack

The Studio, 196 Carisbrooke Road, PO30 1DL, Tel: 07891 936320

Lindsay Wells

130 Walm Lane, NW2 4RT, Tel: 020 8208 1567

Kim Hamilton

1a Hawkswood, Hurworth Place, DL2 2HL, Tel: 01325 722505


The North

Judith Symons

9d Criterion Mews, N16 8DT, Tel: 020 7254 5928


London - North

Howard Cooper

14 Jennings Way, EN5 4EQ, Tel: 0208 440 9097

Harvey Taylor

1 Fairbridge Road, Archway, N19 3EW, Tel: 020 7272 7013

Mark Hancock

7 Hopetoun Crescent, EH7 4AY, Tel: 0131 558 7211


The North

Marsha Mullish

Consulting room, IG10, Tel: 07957155235

Don Butler

Lyndhurst Road, N22 5AD, Tel: 07861796578

I am a UKCP qualified (to Masters level) Counsellor and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Supervisor, and Mental Health professional of many years standing and will be happy to listen to you and help you to make some sense of your story in a non judgemental, friendly and supportive way. I specialise in dream interpretations which I believe will help us to make more sense of our unconscious processes and lead to greater self knowledge and understanding. I am a believer in the efficacy of talk therapy as a route to gaining control of our lives and achieving our goals. I have worked a lot with anxiety and depression with successful outcomes. I have been working in private practise in North London for a decade now. I will provide a safe and confidential space in which you can explore your most intimate thoughts, feelings, anxieties, memories and dreams, helping you to find positive ways to move forwards in your life, and ultimately achieve happiness, success and a stronger sense of self, whilst conquering deeply rooted negative patterns.I work with individuals and together we decide on the frequency of sessions. I normally work on an open-ended basis.  

What is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a means to gain a sense of control of one’s life whilst hopefully reaching a fuller understanding of how our mind works, by taking a considered and thoughtful look at our history, behaviours and feelings, our unconscious processes and the dynamics of our relations with others.It is not necessarily a short term fix and if done properly will take time and commitment but can be worked at from a solution focused shorter term perspective if preferred. I will be there to listen to and understand your story in a completely confidential and non judgemental way that will hopefully allow you to fully express your emotions, facilitate a greater understanding of your unconscious processes and dreams, leading to explanations of why you behave the way you do whilst looking for creative solutions to deep rooted problems. The ultimate goal is a thorough understanding of oneself; a way forward to a greater sense of confidence and wholeness; a route to realising your full potential, achieving your goals whilst becoming the person you would like to be.  


London - North

Kay Goodyear

39 Church Road, SW19 5DQ, Tel: 07711020770


London, London West

Ravena Sielman

Reva Klein

114 Wilberforce Road, N4 2SU, Tel: 07749655947


London - North

Lisa Ruxton

Tel: 07951 059162

I am a Psychotherapist who works with over 18's from all backgrounds and at different stages of their lives. I also have 20 years experience of working with teenagers and adult patients in NHS settings in London where I assess and support individuals with their health and relationship issues .

Some people seek support when feeling overwhelmed by personal or more widespread world events or when facing difficulties at home or with study/ work. Some may not know what's wrong but feel stuck, cut off or low in motivation and energy and want to talk about their lives. Whatever the issue, you are welcome to contact me by email or telephone. If you wish to meet we would arrange a time together for a first consultation to discuss things further.

When an agreement is made to work together I see clients on the same day(s) and at the same time(s) each week. Individuals may also need more than once weekly support . I provide a supportive, positive environment where the attention and focus is on you and wanting the best for you. You are encouraged to talk about and to connect with what is troubling you and it is understood that emotions and thoughts can be painful and talking about these feel risky. There can be relief in talking and in being understood and in the course of therapy individuals can reconnect with vital aspects of themselves gaining more enjoyment of life and ways of moving forward .

*I am offering sessions online via video calls and over short or longer term periods and welcome your enquiries by email or phone *



Jan May

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07957709517

Anne Kane

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07904 180785

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, a member of AGIP and registered with the UKCP. My practice is diverse, inclusive and confidential. I also offer supervision. Please see my website for more information. I can be contacted by email or telephone. I normally mainly work in Archway and Stoke Newington but in the context of the covid-19 health emergency I am working remotely.



Alex Dalziel

Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, WD3 4HG, Tel: 07833538410

I am an experienced and UKCP registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist who has been working with individual adults from diverse backgrounds for over ten years. I offer to provide psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. I work with people on a once, twice, or three times a week basis. My practice is based in a tranquil location in Rickmansworth, close to the M25 (J18), in easy reach of North London, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, and South Bucks. I am also a supervisor registered with The British Association of Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Supervisors and work with both individuals and groups.

Tony Thompson

1 Fairbridge Rd, N19 3EW, Tel: 07553 324659

Daniel Dacre

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07958 287 474

I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor practicing in Archway, Finsbury Park and London Bridge. I have been working with individuals and groups for the last twenty years. I would describe my orientation as psychoanalytic from within a contemplative perspective. By that I mean that I subscribe to the idea of an unconscious and believe that events and attitudes from early life can impact on our lives today. I understand that an awareness of these currents helps to increase the choices available to us. Yet I also know, as a long-time meditator, that paying attention in a non-judgemental fashion enables previously unbearable experiences to be borne and new possibilities discovered. I provide a safe space in which these experiences can be explored.

I was a member of the AGIP training committee for several years, including two years where I chaired the committee. I am currently the course leader for the Guild's diploma in psychoanalytic supervision. I am also the lead practitioner for the reduced fee service at Number 42 in London Bridge. I mostly work in-person but can also offer online sessions.

Danah Saadawi

Angela Webb

Cristina Vergara-Lopez

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07731433972

Language or Speciality: Spanish I am a UKCP-accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, with an academic background in psychology. I have been working in the field of mental health for over 10 years, and have worked with a wide range of client groups from a diverse set of backgrounds. Before setting up my private practice, I worked as a therapist and manager for  a non-profitable organisation that provides therapeutic communities and psychotherapy for people experiencing mental health difficulties.  I have also worked as a consultant facilitating weekly staff support groups.  

Diane Frazer

9 Greyhound Road, NW10 5QH, Tel: 020 8964 8361

Douglas Gill

Tel: 07968471374

John Miller

22 Fitzjohns Avenue, NW3 5NB, Tel: 020 8905 5937

John Thompson

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, a professional member of the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP), and registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). My consulting rooms are close to Archway tube station in north London. I have a private practice and work part time in an Irish charity that works with survivors of institutional and clerical abuse.

I would describe myself as a relational psychoanalytic therapist. This means that I pay particular attention to how your ways of being, feeling, thinking and relating (and avoiding these) are being manifested both in your current relationships and also in your relationship with me. Often these processes are driven by unconscious feelings, desires, beliefs and fears which can gradually be uncovered during therapy leading to greater insight and awareness and ultimately a more balanced and less conflicted way of living.


London - North

Sonya Landesmann

Flat B, 2 Nelson Road, N8 9RU, Tel: 0773016012

Sonya has training as an Intercultural psychotherapist and experience of working with people from other cultures and refugees.


London - North

Pavlina Georgiades

I am a qualified Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a professional member of the Association of Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP) and registered with UKCP.
I have over 25 years experience in the public sector and have worked therapeutically with children and adults of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Over the past 20 years I have developed a specialism in working with those impacted by adoption, early trauma and loss and am the clinical lead at a national adoption support agency. Prior to this I worked in the field of alcohol and drug misuse and family assessment and support.
I have a private practice situated in Archway, North London and my approach is relational and non-judgemental. I offer a safe, confidential space to explore conscious and unconscious processes linked to the emotional difficulties and predicaments you may be facing .
Address : 1 Fairbridge road, London N19 3EW



Lorena Fava

1 Fairbridge Road, N19 3EW, Tel: 07915178022

I am Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist based in North London (N19). I see people once a week and up to three times a week, in person as well as online (Skype or Zoom). ​I offer therapy in English and Italian.

Please get in touch or visit my website if you'd like to know more.

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