Don Butler

I am a UKCP qualified (to Masters level) Counsellor and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Supervisor, and Mental Health professional of many years standing and will be happy to listen to you and help you to make some sense of your story in a non judgemental, friendly and supportive way. I specialise in dream interpretations which I believe will help us to make more sense of our unconscious processes and lead to greater self knowledge and understanding. I am a believer in the efficacy of talk therapy as a route to gaining control of our lives and achieving our goals. I have worked a lot with anxiety and depression with successful outcomes. I have been working in private practise in North London for a decade now. I will provide a safe and confidential space in which you can explore your most intimate thoughts, feelings, anxieties, memories and dreams, helping you to find positive ways to move forwards in your life, and ultimately achieve happiness, success and a stronger sense of self, whilst conquering deeply rooted negative patterns.I work with individuals and together we decide on the frequency of sessions. I normally work on an open-ended basis.   What is Psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is a means to gain a sense of control of one’s life whilst hopefully reaching a fuller understanding of how our mind works, by taking a considered and thoughtful look at our history, behaviours and feelings, our unconscious processes and the dynamics of our relations with others.It is not necessarily a short term fix and if done properly will take time and commitment but can be worked at from a solution focused shorter term perspective if preferred. I will be there to listen to and understand your story in a completely confidential and non judgemental way that will hopefully allow you to fully express your emotions, facilitate a greater understanding of your unconscious processes and dreams, leading to explanations of why you behave the way you do whilst looking for creative solutions to deep rooted problems. The ultimate goal is a thorough understanding of oneself; a way forward to a greater sense of confidence and wholeness; a route to realising your full potential, achieving your goals whilst becoming the person you would like to be.  


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AGIP is a registered charity (Number 1083030). It was established in 1974 to provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy services and a training programme.

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