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Benefits of Membership

AGIP is a respected organisation providing training, membership and psychotherapy services.

Some members train and stay on as career-long or life-long members. Others have trained elsewhere and join AGIP because they find the organisation’s ethics and values compatible with their own.

AGIP is pluralistic in ethos and welcomes training and professional members from differing orientations within the psychoanalytic field.

AGIP is well connected within the world of psychotherapy

AGIP is a member organisation of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) through the CPJA college (Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis).

The UKCP is the most widely recognised register of qualified psychotherapists in the UK and is a government-recognised regulator of the psychotherapy profession. AGIP is an accrediting body of the UKCP and AGIP members are eligible for UKCP membership and registration.

Besides being a regulatory body, the UKCP is also a voice for the psychotherapy profession and engages in public debate and policy making.

The UKCP is divided into colleges representing the various different modalities of psychotherapy. Thus AGIP sits within the CPJA.

AGIP members are active in the CPJA and UKCP.

Currently we have members in the roles of representative to UKCP, Trustee of UKCP and Chair of the CPJA ethics committee.

AGIP is a founder member of the British Journal of Psychotherapy (BJP) with a representative sitting on the editorial board.

The BJP is a quarterly academic journal.

AGIP has a good reputation as an organisation within the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and has collaborative links with others in the same field.

AGIP is a member of the Consortium

The Consortium is an informal grouping of like-minded psychoanalytic psychotherapy training organisations who organise combined study days for their trainees, as well as conferring on matters of common interest, for example in relation to changes in public policy.

Other members of the Consortium are The Arbours Association, The Guild of Psychotherapists, The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, The Association of Independent Psychotherapists and the Philadelphia Association.

APPT is a new collaboration of trainings. 

A professional home

AGIP is a relatively small organisation. As such it provides an intimate and supportive environment in which to train and then continue one’s professional life.

AGIP members make up a community of thoughtful psychoanalytic psychotherapists – a good home for what can be, potentially, a rather isolated professional life.

AGIP has a strong commitment to professional ethics and the broadening of access to psychotherapy through the Fairbridge Clinic, a low fee psychotherapy clinic based at 1 Fairbridge Road.

The Fairbridge Clinic offers low fee psychotherapy to those on very low incomes. It also makes referrals to trainees for training patients.

The Lady Balogh Psychotherapy Trust supports AGIP and the Fairbridge Clinic with generous donations.

Many professional members also see patients in the Fairbridge Clinic, while others choose to donate towards a bursary to support the therapy of patients on low income who need an experienced professional therapist.

AGIP membership is participatory and engaged – the members run the organisation.

AGIP has the use of a large and comfortable house in London for events and consulting rooms.

The library at 1 Fairbridge Rd forms a welcoming common room for those members working in or visiting the house.

AGIP has a newsletter with contributions from the membership which is issued 3 to 4 times a year.

Career-long professional and personal development

AGIP members work in private practice and public sector jobs and network amongst themselves. Many also become training therapists and supervisors within AGIP, and in other psychoanalytic, psychotherapeutic and counselling organisations.

Many of our members choose to get involved in the wider psychoanalytic world, and/or in the running and decision making processes within AGIP.

AGIP is a lively organisation with stimulating CPD events and engagement with the arts.

AGIP holds regular workshops and seminars for continuous professional development (CPD) for members and others covering contemporary and new ideas in theory and practice. There is also an annual lecture with a prestigious psychoanalytic psychotherapist as speaker.

Peer groups meet regularly according to members’ personal interests, such as a reading group and a case-discussion group.

AGIP’s “Psycho-literate Film Club” shows psychologically interesting films with discussion of meanings and associations afterwards. There are also film reviews from a psychoanalytic perspective.

Many AGIP members are interested in the arts and creativity and this is reflected in the exhibitions in the common areas of the centre at Fairbridge Road. The exhibitions are changed every six months.

AGIP members have the use of our library of over 750 relevant and up to date psychoanalytic books and journals, housed at Fairbridge Road.

AGIP also subscribes to the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, the British Journal of Psychotherapy, the Journal of Analytical Psychology and Infant Observation: International Journal of Infant Observation and Its Applications. These are held in the reference section of the library for members’ use.

The AGIP membership fee includes discounted subscriptions to the BJP and PEP Web as standard with an option for a discounted subscription for the IJP.

The British Journal of Psychotherapy (BJP) and the International Journal of Psychoanalysis (IJP) are quarterly academic journals.

PEP Web (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing) is a searchable online library of psychoanalytic journals giving full text of articles published more than five years ago, going back over a century.

The UKCP requires its members to be re-accredited every five years. At AGIP this is done through a peer-to-peer conversation and discussion which allows for individual differences in practice and professional development to be taken into account whilst satisfying the regulatory requirement.

AGIP 1 Fairbridge Road, London N19 3EW – Psychotherapy Training and Clinic – 020 7272 7013 – Contact us by email

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About AGIP

AGIP is a registered charity (Number 1083030). It was established in 1974 to provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy services and a training programme.

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