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AGIP psychotherapists work within a rigorous code of ethics and professional practice, in line with the codes of ethics and professional practice of the UKCP. There is also a formal complaints procedure to be used if a patient or other interested party feels that a therapist has not been working within those ethical codes.

For AGIP Professional Members who are also registrants with UKCP, the process of making complaints has been centralised at UKCP. Details of the UKCP Code can be found on the UKCP web site.

For all AGIP members who are not registrants with UKCP (which includes trainees), the AGIP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and AGIP complaints procedure apply. For a downloadable guide about how to make a complaint, click here.

If you would like more information about our Code please see our existing Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

In accordance with UKCP practice, AGIP publishes the names of all members (a) where an Investigating Panel is examining a complaint or (b) where there is an ongoing Hearing or Appeal Panel, or (c) who are subject to ongoing sanctions from a Hearing Panel. Details can be found on our ethics notices page.

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AGIP is a registered charity (Number 1083030). It was established in 1974 to provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy services and a training programme.

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