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Psychotherapy Services

AGIP is now offering consultations for psychotherapy, and many of our members may be willing to offer therapy via Zoom or FaceTime or telephone. Please have a look at our members’ profiles and you are welcome to contact them directly.

We have a  limited number of places for people who can only afford a low fee and are looking to begin psychoanalytic psychotherapy now, and are prepared to make a commitment of a minimum of two years psychotherapy twice a week. The therapy will be offered in person or online, but the assessment process will be conducted via Zoom.

Our main consultation and assessment service is now open.

AGIP provides psychoanalytic psychotherapy at its premises in North London. There are also many AGIP-trained psychotherapists working elsewhere in and outside London, to whom the service makes referrals.

You can access an AGIP psychotherapist either by searching through our membership list directly or through a consultation (also known as an assessment).

Average fees for ongoing Psychotherapy usually range from £50 to £70 per session but can be open to negotiation depending on individual circumstances. There is also the "Fairbridge Clinic", a low-fee psychotherapy service for people on very low incomes.

Contact an AGIP Psychotherapist Directly

If you would prefer to search for and contact an AGIP psychotherapist directly, you can use our Find A Therapist page to do this. You can search by region to find therapists near you, or alphabetically if you have someone particular in mind.

Click here to go direct to our Find a Therapist page.

Accessing Psychotherapy via a Consultation

The Psychotherapy Service provides access to experienced fully qualified psychotherapists. To access psychotherapy through AGIP, you need to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs. AGIP will then refer you to a suitable psychotherapist. Consultations usually take place at the clinic in London but for patients not living in London, you will be put in touch with an AGIP therapist living nearby.

Consultations cost £80 and can be paid via PayPal on this website.

If you are low waged then there is a concessionary consultation fee of £50 and it may be possible to negotiate a concessionary psychotherapy fee, as we appreciate that not everyone in work can afford an ongoing full fee rate. A concessionary fee can range between £26 and £50 and it is likely that you might be allocated to an experienced psychotherapy trainee. If you are on very low income, see the Fairbridge Clinic below.

You can book a consultation in two ways:

Please phone first if you think you might qualify for a concessionary rate.

We will send you a short questionnaire which will need to be completed before the consultation appointment.

There is currently an average waiting time of a month before a consultation appointment date becomes available, although we do sometimes have cancellations and appointments can be offered quicker in these instances.  

Accessing the Fairbridge Clinic

The Fairbridge Clinic is a low-fee psychotherapy service only available to those on very low incomes. If you are a full-time student or in receipt of state benefits, and without additional sources of income, you may be referred to this service. Alternatively, if you are on a low wage you might be considered or might certainly be offered a concessionary rate of psychotherapy.

Access to the Fairbridge Clinic is via a consultation.

The Fairbridge Clinic usually offers twice weekly psychotherapy for a fee ranging from £8 to £25 per session (sometimes weekly psychotherapy is also possible). You may need to commit yourself to a minimum of two years psychotherapy and be prepared to see a psychotherapy trainee.

The fee for the consultation will be £35.

Fairbridge Clinic places are mainly at our London clinic. You can book a consultation in two ways::

Please phone first if you are unsure about whether you might qualify for this level of concessionary rate.

We will send you a short questionnaire which will need to be completed before the consultation appointment.

AGIP 1 Fairbridge Road, London N19 3EW - Psychotherapy Training and Clinic - 020 7272 7013 - Contact us by email

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AGIP is a registered charity (Number 1083030). It was established in 1974 to provide psychoanalytic psychotherapy services and a training programme.

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